November 14, 2016



Strange, how a man once so reviled has gained stature in the memory. How we cheered when Richard M. Nixon resigned the presidency! How dramatic it was when David Frost cornered him on TV and presided over the humiliating confession that he had stonewalled for three years. And yet how much more intelligent, thoughtful and, well, presidential, he now seems, compared to the occupant of the office from 2001 to 2009.

Nixon was thought to have been destroyed by Watergate and interred by the Frost interviews. But wouldn’t you trade him in a second for Bush?

The late Roger Ebert, in his review of Ron Howard’s film Frost/Nixon, December 10, 2008.

Chaser: Donald Trump as Nixon’s Heir.

— Reihan Salam, the Wall Street Journal, Saturday.

Curiously, despite all the newfound respect Nixon has received over the years from the likes of Ebert and Timesmen such as Thomas Wicker and Paul Krugman, I’m not sure how comforted the left will be with the comparison of Trump to the 37th president.

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