November 5, 2016

OUR LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE MAY JUST BE BEGINNING: Dems’ war on the FBI is a preview of a Hillary presidency.

Vote wisely — as Glenn noted late last month in USA Today, Trump isn’t “any less arrogant than Clinton (though it would be hard to be more arrogant).” But far more people would be willing “to tell Trump no. The civil service, which leans overwhelmingly Democratic, won’t be bending over backwards to do his will. The press can’t stand him. And Congress, even if controlled by the GOP, won’t support him if he misbehaves because so many Republicans dislike him, too. The truth is, neither one of our leading candidates for president is a paragon of virtue. But only one of them has already made a habit of flouting the law while in office, selling favors and escaping the consequences, and only one of them is likely to be able to pull it off from the White House.”

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