October 30, 2016

REALCLEARPOLITICS: Trump’s average in the four-way race now the highest it’s been all year. “He’s at 45 percent in Rasmussen, Gravis, and the ABC/WaPo tracker. Scroll down through the list of dozens upon dozens of surveys here and you’ll find that the total number of polls before this in which Trump had hit 45 is … one. One time. He did it in a CNN poll in the first week of September. That’s it. Suddenly he’s hitting that mark repeatedly, and nearly all of the data in the three polls I mentioned was collected before the FBI news on Friday.”

It will be very interesting to see what happens to polls in the next few days.

UPDATE: From the comments: “So, did anybody in the MSM bother to ask Hillary if she will accept the results of the election if she loses?”

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