October 15, 2016

TRUMP ONLY STEPS REPEATEDLY ON THE YUGEST, MOST LUXURIOUS RAKES: Trump campaign’s eyewitness once claimed to be a procurer of boys for sex parties with British politicians, according to Twitchy.

At Red State, Jay Caruso adds, “It is possible that [Anthony] Gilberthorpe is lying about his pimping past. So what if he is? Who the hell lies about that? And if he is lying about it, why on earth should anybody believe his take about what happened on that plane? So the Trump campaign was faced with two choices: Gilberthorpe was either a pimp or a serial liar and fabulist. Either way, there’s no way in hell they should have put him forward as a character witness.”

Before being put up as a character witness, I’m sure Gilberthorpe was vetted by the campaign as thoroughly as Trump himself.

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