September 7, 2016

BUT OF COURSE: Obama’s Pivot to Asia Fails to Deter China.

All of this is to say that despite the patient work the Obama administration has done in building Asian alliances, it has yet to turn this diplomacy into a policy that actually deters China. This point was driven home during the G20 summit, when Chinese boats were spotted at Scarborough Shoal, another waterway claimed by the Philippines where the U.S. has warned China not to stake out more artificial islands.

There are many reasons China has not been deterred, but one of them is likely that Xi took the measure of Obama when he shirked his own “red line” in Syria back in 2013 after evidence showed the Bashar al-Assad regime had gassed its own people.

Obama speaks loudly and carries no stick.

There’s more discussion of the President’s bogus journey at

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