August 24, 2016

THIS ISN’T THE 21st CENTURY I WAS PROMISED. Perfect: ‘Sausage Party’ Lesbian Taco Character Riles Up SJWs:

Have a progressive headache yet? It may help to note that Salma Hayek was not, in fact, playing a Hispanic woman. She was playing a taco.

It’s food, for crying out loud. Delicious food. (And yes, I’m craving tacos right now. Don’t judge me.)

Autostraddle goes on to note that in general, they try to make sure that all writers share a trait with a character, or something along those lines.

The reality is that this mea culpa illustrates where SJWs priorities really lie: making sure that superficial features are treated as our most important characteristics, not our souls.

Your DNA equals your worth. Sounds like fascism to me.

Well, yes. I know somebody who wrote a whole book on that topic.

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