August 18, 2016

POOR THING: Clinton Pushed From Left and Right on Health Care.

Democrats have tried to move past debate over the Affordable Care Act, a goal made harder this week when Aetna said it would withdraw from 11 of the 15 state health care exchanges, unsettling the marketplaces and reducing consumer options.

Mrs. Clinton has backed a public option since 2007, and she reaffirmed her support during her Democratic primary against Mr. Sanders. He and others on the left will be pushing to make sure she carries through, especially given their concerns that she will tack to the center if elected president.

Conservatives, meanwhile, say Aetna’s decision shows the law isn’t working and should be scrapped.

“Aetna just today announced that they are dropping out, as are many of the major insurance agencies. Obamacare is a disaster,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said at a rally late Tuesday in Wisconsin.

No wonder she’s “often confused.

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