August 8, 2016


I’ll believe it when I see it.

UPDATE: Word is it’s Evan Mcmullen, Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Conference.

More to come.


Key players in GOP’s anti-Trump movement are preparing to launch an independent presidential campaign for Evan McMullin — a CIA veteran and the chief policy director of the House Republican conference — sources close to the effort told BuzzFeed News.

Veteran Republican strategist Rick Wilson, a Florida-based media consultant and outspoken Trump critic, is expected to be involved in McMullin’s campaign. Sources said Wilson was in Washington on Sunday meeting with members of McMullin’s prospective campaign — which includes some who were involved in a group called Better for America, which has been pushing an independent presidential bid.

McMullin did not immediately respond to requests for comment from BuzzFeed News.


“Quixotic” doesn’t even begin to describe this effort, although I suspect the real goal is to protect the GOP brand from Trumpism.

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