July 28, 2016

DEMOCRATS FALL FOR TRUMP’S RUSSIAN-HACK TROLLING: Sorry, Hillary: Friday’s Headlines Will Be About Trump.

One of Trump’s great skills is his ability to lure people into making complete fools of themselves. Like Larry Tribe, here: Former Obama mentor: Trump’s Russian hack ‘jokes’ could ‘constitute treason.’

But after all the wolf-crying, smears, and nastiness aimed at inoffensive GOP candidates, they deserve Trump.

UPDATE: Trump The DNC:

Donald Trump owned the news media on Day Three of Hillary’s Coronation. He even topped President Obama, who gave a wonderful speech that rallied Democrats behind Her Royal Clintoness. Nevertheless, Trump owned the news cycle.

He did so by holding a press conference. The press conference is now his favorite format. He is sharp, funny, spontaneous, and quick on the uptake. As is usually the case, at the press conference he fielded more hostile questions from the media in one hour than Hillary has in her entire pampered, Ivy League, first lady life.

Think about that for a moment. Has any journalist ever confronted her about all those real scandals? The Whitewater swampland real estate deals. Her covering up rapes and sexual harassment by her husband. Her stealing White House furniture. Not once has anyone in the press pressed her for an answer.

Meanwhile, Trump has to explain why two lines in his wife’s 20-minute speech were similar to a speech Michelle Obama gave eight years ago.

Throughout her life, the press gave Hillary a pass. Now she pays for that lifelong free ride by being unprepared for this campaign.

Don Surber wrote the book on this stuff.

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