July 17, 2016

PEOPLE WHO ARE SHOCKED BY THIS DON’T RECOGNIZE THE REALITY OF STATE-CRONY CAPITALISM: Diesel Emissions: EU Commission Has Known for Years about Manipulation. “Since at least 2010, the European Commission has been in possession of concrete evidence that automobile manufacturers were cheating on emissions values of diesel vehicles, according to a number of internal documents that SPIEGEL ONLINE has obtained. The papers show that emissions cheating had been under discussion for years both within the Commission and the EU member state governments. The documents also show that the German government was informed of a 2012 meeting on the issue. The scandal first hit the headlines in 2015 when it became known that Volkswagen had manipulated the emissions of its diesel vehicles. . . . EU member state governments were also apparently aware of possible emissions manipulation well before the VW scandal hit the headlines. . . . The European Commission continues to deny even today that it knew anything of the illegal practices.”

Remember, the bureaucrats aren’t there to protect you. That’s just their cover story.

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