July 8, 2016


How do you train those emotions out of Al Sharpton’s heart, who’s sitting alongside Todd opining on Dallas?

Speaking of the shooting of Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minnesota, and discussing the need for better police training, Todd said: “how do you train prejudice and hate out of somebody’s heart? That’s a tough thing.” Is there racism among police? Of course, as there is in every segment of society. Was the Minnesota governor right when he said Castile would be alive if he were white? Quite possibly. But for Todd to focus on police “prejudice and hate” was a gross and unfair overgeneralization. Chuck Todd: please spend a few days in a police cruiser in an inner city. See what the police see and have to deal with every day. Then come back and tell us whether police “prejudice and hate” is the key to the problems facing our society.

Someone should remind Todd and Sharpton that this isn’t the America of 1963; why is Todd assuming the worst of an apparently Asian-American officer?

And speaking of NBC, “Brian Williams’ Dallas coverage makes him social media laughingstock,”  T. Becket Adams writes at the Washington Examiner. “Though Williams anchored from his now-regular perch at MSNBC, the feed was carried live on NBC’s main network,” Adams notes. As John Ziegler tweeted, “So after hrs of watching Brian Williams tonight the only thing I’m sure about is that Dallas is where Kennedy was assassinated & this sucks.”

This is what happens when someone with Very Important Hair™ used to doing a heavily scripted half-hour nightly news program is turned loose to improvise on air for hours and hours.

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