June 30, 2016

WHY ARE LEFTY INSTITUTIONS SUCH HOTBEDS OF RADICAL INEQUALITY? “I have never felt out of place in my entire life. But I did at Yale.”

When I was at Yale Law, the students were more diverse in terms of class backgrounds than this account suggests is the case now, though I remember some friends, including one military brat, expressing similar sentiments. On the other hand, this is true: “The wealthy and the powerful aren’t just wealthy and powerful; they follow a different set of norms and mores. When you go from working-class to professional-class, almost everything about your old life becomes unfashionable at best or unhealthy at worst. At no time was this more obvious than the first (and last) time I took a Yale friend to Cracker Barrel. In my youth, it was the height of fine dining—my grandma’s and my favorite restaurant. With Yale friends, it was a greasy public health crisis.”

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