June 16, 2016

BREAKING: LABOUR PARTY MP JO COX MURDERED IN BRITAIN. “The gun — outlawed in Britain since the 1996 Dunblane school massacre in Scotland — has been described as ‘makeshift.’ Keep in mind that early reports, especially by eyewitnesses, are often inaccurate and unreliable, but this, if true, will have lasting political resonance in the run-up to Britain’s plebiscite on leaving the EU – ‘Brexit’ — on June 23,” Michael Walsh writes, linking to a BBC report that claims “the gunman was heard shouting ‘Britain first.’”

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UPDATE: “Jo Cox dead: Britain First denies involvement in attack on Labour MP,” the London Independent reports:

Britain First has denied involvement in the attack on Labour MP Jo Cox in Birstall, west Yorkshire – and the group’s leader has said he would like to see the person who carried it out “strung up by the neck on the nearest lamp post.”

The 41-year-old politician has died after she was shot and stabbed outside Birstall library, where she was holding an advice surgery for constituents.

Following reports that a man shouted “Britain First” as he attacked Ms Cox, the group issued a statement describing the claims as hearsay from unconfirmed sources, according to a statement on the political group’s website.

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Two separate named witnesses have said the attacker said “Britain First”, including 38-year-old Graeme Howard, who told the Guardian the attacker “was shouting ‘Britain first’ when he was doing it and being arrested.”

Clarke Rothwell, who was reportedly within yards of the attack in Birstall, told the Examiner that the man shouted “Britain First, Britain First”.

Iowahawk squares the circle:


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