June 7, 2016

WE’RE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT’S 1929: James Lileks discusses the Outer Limits with a liquor store clerk and finds himself in the Twilight Zone:

Traders Joe conversations are the best. They’re all friendly and smart and they all play along. Went next door to Infinite Intoxicants, and put the items up on the belt.

“Hello,” chirped the clerk.

“Greetings,” I said.

She smiled. “I saw an old TV show from the ’20s called ‘The Outer Limits’ and someone said that just like you did.”

Sometimes one sentence reveals an endless expanse of — well, I don’t want to say ignorance, because that sounds harsh. How about “scant acquaintance with history.”

The Twenties.

And now we know which TV show FDR interrupted in 1929 when he comforted the nation after the stock market crashed…

Yet another reminder that (a) Lileks’ clerk is in good company when it comes to historical ignorance and (b) Katie Couric, who failed to call Biden out on his gaffe-apalooza in the fall of 2008 has been cooking the books for her fellow Democrats for quite some time.

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