June 6, 2016

FRAN COOMBS: The Undecideds Have It.

Right now Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going nowhere.

Rasmussen Reports’ regular polling shows them both hovering around 40% support where they’ve been for weeks. Throw the most prominent third-party candidate in the mix, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, and they both drop only slightly.

In both matchups, though, there remain an unusually high number of voters who prefer some other candidate or are still undecided. Undecideds in single digits are not unusual at this stage of the election season, but when nearly one-in-four voters say they’ll vote third-party or stay home, it’s time to wonder why.

Are they really looking for another candidate? Are they still trying to make up their minds between Clinton and Trump? Or are they just not telling the truth?

Nobody knows.

Candidates usually risk doom by ignoring the pollsters, but in 2016 Trump might be on the right track.

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