June 4, 2016

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANFORMED: Is Not Recycling More Immoral Than Porn? Teens Say Yes.

Flashback: “Would you rather your teenager smoke or cheat?” Dennis Prager asked back in 2003:

Decades of lecturing around America and of speaking with parents on my radio show have led me to an incredible conclusion: More American parents would be upset with their teenage children if they smoked a cigarette than if they cheated on a test.How has this come about? This is, after all, an entirely new phenomenon. Almost no member of my generation (those who became teenagers in the 1960s), let alone a member of any previous generation, could ever have imagined that parents would be angrier with their teenage child for smoking than for cheating.

There has been a profound change in American values. In a nutshell, health has overtaken morality. Or, if you prefer, health has become our morality.

Which makes sense, given the age of moral relativity we live in. Prager’s article was written in the decade in which Gaia replaced God amongst American “progressive” elites, and concurrently, global warming was an infinitely more important battle for them than global terrorism.

And teenagers don’t “learn” that not recycling is more “immoral” than prØn without plenty of help being steered in that direction by school and pop culture.

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