June 2, 2016

WELL, POSSIBLY: Trump’s Republican Party is not so much a new party, however, as a restoration of the GOP’s original principles.

Plus: “That’s something the Republican establishment has forgotten. Its members deny that we’re immobile; or if we are, they blame it on drug-abusing workers who as a class deserve to die out; or they say it can’t be helped, that it’s caused by the move to a high-tech world. But other, more mobile countries aren’t living in the Stone Age, and most Americans understand that we’ve become immobile. When surveyed, they report that they don’t think their children will be as well-off as they are. That’s new, and it’s transforming our politics.”

Want to increase economic mobility? Stop tying it to expensive educational degrees and substitute cheap competency testing. And instead of telling employers not to ask people about criminal records, bar them from asking where people went to school. That would be a revolution.

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