June 1, 2016

HUMAN RIGHTS GROUP TELLS KERRY TO DIVEST HIS INVESTMENT IN CHINESE FIRM: Tibet Water Resources, Llc., is a firm close to the Chinese Communist party. Perhaps that’s why it has such a sweet deal to exploit Tibet’s rich mountain waters, which it sells in Europe as a competitor to Evian and Perrier. Guess who is one Tibet Waters’ most famous investors?

Secretary of State John Kerry’s family fortune has investments in Tibet Waters even though official U.S. policy has long deplored China’s repression of Tibet, which the Asian giant treats as a vassal. Now Free Tibet, the international human rights group that has been defending the embattled nation, is calling on Kerry to divest that investment, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Richard Pollock.

Free Tibet’s challenge came in a May 17 letter obtained by Pollock. A Kerry State Department spokesman refused to comment when asked by Pollock about the letter. Perhaps the fact his predecessor as secretary ignored State Department policy on a highly significant issue leads Kerry to think it’s ok for him to do the same with regard to investing in a foreign company whose profits have a certain tint of red to them.

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