May 30, 2016

THE ONLY TRUE ‘SAFE SPACE’ IS LIBERTY AND FREEDOM: Heather Mac Donald’s Hamilton Awards Speech:

At Emory University, students stormed the office of the president shouting “We are in pain!” What caused their anguish?

The sight of the words “Trump 2016” that had been chalked on walkways around campus. Now it is just possible that there are more than a few people in this very room who experience great pain contemplating the prospect of Trump 2016.

But they do not demand the removal of Trump political slogans; they argue over whether the Donald should be elected.

The Emory students, by contrast, wanted their president to find and punish the malefactors that had caused them to feel “unsafe.”

My personal favorite in this tsunami of self-pity comes from Princeton’s put-upon minority students, who proclaimed that they were “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” a phrase first used by Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights activist who had picked cotton as a child on a Mississippi plantation and who was beaten for trying to vote.

Can we have a reality check here? Every American college student today, no matter his race or gender, is among the most privileged individuals in human history. Millions of Chinese students are at this very moment studying their butts off in the hope of gaining access to the intellectual resources that American students take for granted.

And being a Princeton or Yale student bears no resemblance — need I really say this? — to being a sharecropper in the Jim Crow South. And yet, virtually every college president grovels before delusional students who demand to shut down unorthodox viewpoints, by promising protection from unwanted speech and reparations for wholly nonexistent racism.

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