May 26, 2016

WHERE’D ALL THOSE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORTS GO? About a thousand top appointees in every presidential administration are required to file financial disclosure reports that enable journalists, academic experts and members of the public to spot conflicts-of-interest. Well, not anymore, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Luke Rosiak.

In January, Rosiak reports this morning, “the list was inexplicably removed, leaving only a search box. That action severely reduced the chance of officials’ finances being scrutinized because it became necessary to know the name of a person and have a reason to want to look up that individual, as opposed to, for example, looking for listings from an agency of interest.”

And now? “Even that capability is gone, along with almost all references to actually seeing the disclosures. Thousands of PDFs have also been deleted, leaving dead links.” Just another day at the office for the “most transparent administration in history.”


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