April 9, 2016

FIRST QUARTER ECONOMIC NUMBERS LOOK SO BLEAK THEY’LL NEED THE ADDITION OF OBAMA’S MINIONS’ NUMBER-MASSAGING HELP: “They’re not going to let it be negative, as that would set up the possibility of an official recession just before the election (two negative quarters in a row). They’ll make sure it comes in at at least 0.1.”

Flashback: National Bureau of Economic Research redefines recession definition to move recession back from the third quarter of 2008 to December of 2007. Similarly, in the fall of 1992, the media hid the economic recovery occurring under George H.W. Bush’s watch to enable the Clintons’ “Worst recession in 50 years” lie. Or as a Time magazine headline writer described it with maximum self-satisfied snark on December 7th of 1992, “Bush’s Economic Present for Clinton.” The economy would grow 4.2 percent that quarter, but you never would have known it from the DNC-MSM until after November 3rd.

Flash-forward: “‘The Greater Depression Has Started’ — Comparing 1930s & Today.” Soon, we could be partying like it’s 1929…

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