April 8, 2016

CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER: No ‘coincidence’ Romanian hacker Guccifer extradited amid Clinton probe.

One of the notches on Guccifer’s cyber-crime belt was allegedly accessing the email account of Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal, one of Clinton’s most prolific advice-givers when she was secretary of state. It was through that hack that Clinton’s use of a personal account — clintonemail.com — first came to light.

Former law enforcement and cyber security experts said the hacker, whose real name is Marcel Lehel Lazar, could – now that he’s in the U.S. – help the FBI make the case that Clinton’s email server was compromised by a third party, one that did not have the formal backing and resources of a foreign intelligence service such as that of Russia, China or Iran.

“Because of the proximity to Sidney Blumenthal and the activity involving Hillary’s emails, [the timing] seems to be something beyond curious,” said Ron Hosko, former assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division from 2012-2014.

The FBI had no comment, of course, but it’s been obvious almost from the start that clintonemail.com was improperly secured. It seems impossible that the Secretary of State’s “private” emails weren’t in Russian hands nearly in real-time, which makes yesterday’s report on Clinton’s Kremlin connection even more curious.

Hillary may be the most deeply compromised person ever to hold high office in this country — and she has a good chance of attaining the very highest office.

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