March 26, 2016

DROP THE HATE: Cruz campaign to Trump: Ever had a psych eval?

Sen. Ted Cruz’s White House campaign manager took to Twitter on Friday to attack Republican front-runner Donald Trump, calling him “Sleazy Donald” and questioning his mental health.

“Why no events in 4 days; none planned for 8,” Jeff Roe tweeted, mimicking Trump’s social media style. “Ever had psychological eval?” . . .

The tweet is the latest in an escalating feud between the two campaigns over attacks on the candidates’ wives and personal lives. Cruz has even blamed Trump for an article in the National Enquirer claiming he has had extramarital affairs.

Trump has not appeared in public since the feud began, with Cruz’s campaign accusing him of dodging questions about his new tactics of going after Cruz’s, Heidi.

Wow. And here’s my message to Republicans.

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