March 23, 2016

ROBBY SOAVE: At Emory University, Writing ‘Trump 2016’ on Sidewalk Is a Racist Microaggression, Unsafe: It’s enough to make you root for Trump. Well, almost. “No wonder so many non-liberal students are cheering for Trump—not because they like him, but because he represents glorious resistance to the noxious political correctness and censorship that has come to define the modern college experience.”

Congratulations, Emory Screaming Campus Garbage Babies. If you can make Reason writers think about voting for Trump, you’ll probably swing the election for him.

And the proper response of Emory’s President Wagner to complaining students was: Shut up, you’re idiots. If this bothers you that much, you don’t belong in college. Would you like me to call your mother to come get you?

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