March 21, 2016

WE MAY NEED TO RECONSIDER EARLY VOTING: Will massive early voting for Rubio put Trump over the top in Arizona? “Arizona is an early-voting state, and people can cast ballots up to 26 days before the actual primary. As of last Thursday, 249,000 Republicans in Maricopa County alone (where Phoenix is located) had already cast ballots. That’s already more votes than the total cast in Maricopa in the 2012 GOP primary. . . . Marco Rubio was drawing 16 percent of the vote in Arizona, according to recent polls. Anyone who voted before last Wednesday didn’t know that Rubio would no longer be in the race. Any votes for Rubio will therefore be wasted and will increase Trump’s chances of sweeping all 58 delegates.”

I love the convenience of early voting, and pretty much always vote that way myself. But things have moved awfully fast this cycle, and this isn’t the first time people cast early votes for a candidate who dropped out.

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