March 11, 2016


When CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Trump after the debate whether he meant all of Islam hates us, Donald simply replied “A lot of it.”    How politically incorrect can you get — and undoubtedly how accurate.  What a long way we have come from George W. Bush’s “religion of peace.” It’s hard to even know whether George, in those days, knew the real translation of Islam was “submission,” something far from peace, indeed the opposite of peace — at least until everyone becomes Islamic.  And that is what we have been witnessing across the globe.

Whatever one thinks about Trump, and I certainly don’t always agree with him, he is the first major American politician (something he clearly is now) to name directly the entity that seeks to destroy Western Civilization.  He didn’t even cloak it in “radical Islam.”

We’ll see if this moves the Overton Window, as Trump’s earlier, highly-un-PC comments on immigration did last year. Faster, please, as my colleague Michael Ledeen would say. Read the whole thing, though more sensitive socialist souls should heed the Trigger Warning first…


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