February 25, 2016

STILL NOT SURE WHY HE’S RUNNING, MYSELF: John Kasich: ‘I’m Not Exactly Sure What the Goal Is.’

John Kasich’s relentlessly positive stump speeches can often feel like motivational seminars. But on a rainy Tuesday night in Georgia, the man it sounded like Kasich was trying to motivate was himself.

“Here’s what I know. I know I’m doing my best,” he told a crowd of 100 supporters who had spilled outside of the Sandy Springs City Hall that was too small to accommodate all of those who had shown up. “I’m following the purpose that I think has been laid out for me. And to achieve that goal …” He paused briefly. “I’m not exactly sure what the goal is. Some might say it’s being elected president. Maybe it’s a different goal.”

Maybe it should be.

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