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February 21, 2016

POPEHAT’S KEN WHITE: #FreeStacy — But From What? In Defense of Free Speech Legalism:

When I say #FreeStacy, I mean “Twitter, you’ve providing an increasingly shitty product, I’m expecting to be banned from it arbitrarily soon, and I’ve been thinking for some time about where to focus social media attention instead.” Or “Twitter, before I thought this was mostly about low-level employees acting on their own biases. But I’m increasingly convinced by the argument that you’ve decided to offer a product aimed at a specific political group.” Or “Twitter, you sell yourself as separating harassment from free speech, but you don’t deliver.”

Read the whole thing, which is coming from someone who admits (in no uncertain terms) that he’s not a fan of Stacy, but that there are larger issues at stake.

By the way, note the trend-line – Newsweek, NBC, CNN, ESPN, the New York Daily News and now Twitter all go into hard left activism just as their stock price, market value or ratings crater. Perhaps it’s the YOLO school of business. Back in the 1960s, American Spectator founder Bob Tyrrell coined the term “coat and tie radicals,” but who knew that lurking underneath so many seemingly levelheaded CEOs was a raging SJW just waiting to Hulk-out?

Related: “It’s true, Popehat hates me,” Stacy McCain tweets from his backup account. “The Freedom to Hate is what makes America great!”