February 18, 2016

IF THE LEADERSHIP HANDLES IT RIGHT, IT COULD BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER: Liz Peek: A Fight Over Scalia’s Seat Is Just What the Fractured GOP Needs.

Hence, the angst in Democrat circles over the appointment of a justice to fill the spot vacated by the death of Antonin Scalia. We now face a prolonged, ugly battle over Obama’s right to nominate a justice and the Senate’s duty to confirm the nominee. The liberal media will attempt to portray GOP resistance as typical chronic obstructionism. They will warn senators like Kelly Ayotte and Rob Portman, who face serious reelection challenges that their chances will dim. Let them.

Republicans need to counter that narrative with this: President Obama has acted unlawfully for years, with only the Supreme Court as a brake on his push towards unpopular programs. If the American people want to dismantle our energy industries, or open our borders indiscriminately, they can vote in Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The people will have a chance to choose. Heaven help us if they don’t choose wisely.


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