January 26, 2016


Vladimir Putin has a vast personal fortune and may be one of the richest men in the world, according to a number of former Kremlin insiders.

From their exiles around the world, they spoke to the BBC for a Panorama investigation into the alleged corruption of the most powerful man in the world. Here’s what we learned.

Sergei Kolesnikov told the programme he worked for the Kremlin to collect money from the super-rich, which they believed was to be spent on healthcare, but which was ultimately used “to help build a $1 billion palace for Putin on the Black Sea coast”.

The BBC said it had seen documents from one of the offshore companies that diverted millions of dollars to the palace, which was constructed during Putin’s first term as president.

It said that, according to Kolesnikov, the owner of the company, Lirus Investment Holding, was Putin himself.

It’s good to be the Czar.