January 23, 2016

PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: Ashe Schow: Fired Professor Sues, Citing Freedom Of Speech.

Louisiana State University professor Teresa Buchanan was fired for … well, we don’t know exactly.

She never received the specific allegations against her, but was informed she had somehow violated the university’s sexual harassment policy, even though no students actually alleged that she had sexually harassed them.

Buchanan, who taught a prekindergarten-3rd grade teacher certification program at LSU, allegedly used profanity or sexual humor in her class. Some of the students in that class, who are all adults supposedly being prepared for the real world, couldn’t handle her teaching style, and complained.

LSU’s broad definition of sexual harassment, which includes “unwelcome verbal, visual or physical behavior of a sexual nature” doesn’t limit such allegations to those that severely affect a student’s learning. Sexual harassment need only “unreasonably” interfere with a student’s education. Even that doesn’t seem to be the case with Buchanan, who may have been guilty of offending some students, but not making education a living hell for them.

She probably flunked the wrong person. Or gave them a B-minus, which is practically as bad. And note the shady and unaccountable influece of the Obama Department of Education here.

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