January 15, 2016

CRUZ ISSUES A BRILLIANT NON-APOLOGY APOLOGY TO HIS #NEWYORKVALUES COMMENTS. I’m kind of sorry that this is in print. You’d really be able to hear the gnashing of teeth and see the deeply furrowed brows of the average MSNBC-CNN news anchor when he’s reading this:

“I apologize to the hard working men and women of the state of  New York who’ve been denied jobs because Gov. Cuomo won’t allow fracking,” Cruz continued. “I apologize to all the pro-life and pro-marriage and pro-Second Amendment New Yorkers who were told by Gov. Cuomo that they have no place in New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are. I apologize to all of the small businesses who’ve been driven out of New York City by crushing taxes and regulations.

“I apologize to all of the African-American children who Mayor de Blasio tried to throw out of their charter schools instead of providing a lifeline ot the American dream. And I apologize to all the cops and the firefighters and 9/11 heroes who had no choice but to stand and turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio because Mayor de Blasio over and over again stands with the looters and criminals rather than the brave men and women of blue.”


“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio have all demanded an apology and I am happy to apologize. I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state,” Cruz told reporters as he left the University of South Carolina.

That neatly lumped Trump, Cruz’s main rival for the GOP nomination, with the leading Democratic candidate — herself a former U.S. senator from the Empire State, along with two other liberal Democrats.

Indeed. Or you could just ask Trump himself about his New York values, as the late Tim Russert of NBC did, 17 years ago:

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