January 8, 2016

ACTUALLY, I THINK THEY ASPIRE TO BE THE OPPRESSOR: Annika Hernroth-Rothstein: Feminists Must Identify Their True Oppressor.

Just before winter break, my two sons, 8 and 13, started sitting down to pee. This happened out of nowhere, a sudden absurdity, and when I asked them why, their reply was that their school had told them that this was a matter of respect for themselves and their surroundings.

I assumed this was another one of those childhood misunderstandings, so at drop-off the next day I took a few minutes to speak to the teachers and straighten the whole thing out, forgetting for a minute that in this day and age reality is far stranger than fiction. . . .

Sweden has gotten a reputation for being a feminist state, a progressive haven of sorts where gender is fought as if it were an enemy battalion. This is supposed to lead to equality, but the feminist hegemony seems to practice willful forgetfulness when it comes to the plight of actual women in actual peril at the end of the subway line where they dare not go.

In the past years the demography in this country has changed dramatically, and it has brought with it a society within the society, with its own rules and laws, enforced by young Muslim men who have taken it upon themselves to police the banlieues and control the women who live there. These women have raised their voices at great personal risk, asking for help from the liberal society and the feminists whose chants are usually so proud and so loud. But there is no aid for the aching, for the feminists know that actual patriarchy comes with actual danger and they are unwilling to pay that price.

I’m sure that raising a generation of sitzpinklers is the solution.