December 19, 2015

ROGER SIMON ON Angela Merkel, Paul Ryan, and the Islamization of America:

Can you imagine Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton saying such a thing [as Merkel recently did] about the sainted “multiculturalism”?  Obviously not. They wouldn’t dare risk alienating their voters or questioning their own sclerotic ideologies — this even though Europe’s problem with Islamic immigration is far greater than ours… for now.

Get ready, however.  I have always been milder in my criticism of GOP lawmakers than some, but nothing appalls me more than the latest démarche by Paul Ryan et al in acquiescing to Obama’s immigration strategy vis-a-vis the Muslim world. This is all the more reprehensible since the GOP surrender occurred  after the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks and before any even remotely effective programs have been put in place to separate out those inclined to blow up innocent citizens in the name of Allah, let alone to integrate other Muslims into our society in a manner consonant with our values and not Sharia law.

Shame on Ryan.

Read the whole thing.

Incidentally, I’m not at all sure anybody remembers the early ’60s James Garner/Julie Andrews movie The Americanization of Emily, but that’s what popped into my head when Roger told me his headline. Fortunately, I was able to find images of Merkel and Ryan in the same poses as Garner and Andrews to Photoshop the poster.


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