November 23, 2015


Notice that ISIS does something terrible, and the overwhelming thrust of the conversation on Meet the Press is that the American people have done something wrong and must look inside their hearts and feel guilty over the overwhelming racism and Islamaphobia in their society. “News flash: We’re not the villains here,” Jim Geraghty reminds NBC.

We’ve seen this movie before a few times in the last 14 years, haven’t we? In August of 2010, in response to the infamous Ground Zero Mosque, the DNC-MSM was lashing out at the American people over “Islamophobia” largely because they knew they were about to lose control over Congress, and possibly the Senate as well during the year of the Tea Party. (And remembering the previous year when all things seemed possible in the era of Hopenchange, when Newsweek (then controlled by the Washington Post) proclaimed “We Are Socialists Now” and James Carville predicted “40 years” of Democrat rule made the prospect of November of 2010 all the more painful.)

This time around? Partially it’s the media’s fear that Hillary doesn’t quite have that Rich Corinthian New Candidate Smell that Obama had in 2008 and thus won’t be able to make it over the finish line no matter how much assistance they can provide as her operatives with bylines. But far more, as Jonah Goldberg wrote on Friday, the real reason is that the MSM is responding to terrorism by retreating to the “Safe Space” of “Progressive” ideology and biting down hard on their binkies. As for why, the reasons are multifaceted. The MSM is (a) very well aware of the debacle that Obama made of the Middle East, after bragging about “his” success there in 2012, (b) has no concrete answer for fighting terrorism beyond singing “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance,” and (c) knows that Hillary, as Obama’s first Secretary of State, must follow down the landmined path he’s set out for her.

And (d) — any day the MSM gets to scold the American people is a good one in their book, particularly after they rejected the glorious utopian revolution of 2008. (QED.)

Oh, and speaking of Islamophobia among presidential candidates

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