November 18, 2015

DARTMOUTH’S PRESIDENT PHILIP HANLON isn’t upset about the disruptive, abusive protests in the Baker Library. “The tone is almost jaunty. President Hanlon apparently didn’t see anything in the video that ruffled his feathers. He suggests that the behavior on display comported with campus norms. He seems to think that our sources of information are limited to college officials. He thinks we are oblivious to the reporting of the Dartmouth Review in ‘Eyes wide open at the protest’ (and more here). He treats us as though we are poorly informed and none too bright. All in all, a performance that fails the occasion and deepens Dartmouth’s disgrace.”

Perhaps this whole thing is a right-wing false flag provokatsiya operation, designed to discredit the Ivy League. I submit that if it were, it would proceed in exactly the same way that it has.

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