November 14, 2015

I’D BET THEY’RE ASLEEP IN BERKELEY. I’D BET THEY’RE ASLEEP ALL OVER BLUE STATE AMERICA: Greg Gutfeld asks what part of ‘never forget’ we all forgot.

Pretty much all of it. Earlier this year, Mark Steyn said, “Our generation will be treated far more brutally by history because these guys are all standing up there at the big ‘Never Again’ ceremony slapping each other on the back and saying what marvellous fellows they are, that’s on page 1, and on page 37 there’s the story of this weeks’ Kosher grocery bombing. It’s disgusting…What people don’t understand, I think, is when countries transform, is that you not only lose your future, you lose your past too.”

Or as Gutfeld tweets today, “#MTVStars is top US [Twitter] trend. Never forget indeed.”

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