November 11, 2015

HE MAY HAVE A POINT — LOOK AT THE AGE OF MOST OF THESE UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATORS: Elie Mystal: We Should Cap The Voting Age At 60 To Stop Old People From Ruining Everything. I don’t think this summary of my argument is quite fair, though: “These kids today at Yale and Missouri, listening to Mick Jagger music and bad-mouthin’ their country, aren’t ready for the responsibility of voting. They should get off my lawn.”

If they listened to Jagger, they might learn something about life. Too triggering, I’m sure.

But is Mystal’s piece really a stealth anti-Hillary screed? “I’d much rather be governed by ‘spoiled children’ than confused old people who want all the benefits but can’t even apply for them unless sonny shows them how to ‘fax’ a .pdf on their ‘computerized telephone.'” I mean, he just summarized a bunch of the released Hillary emails . . .

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