November 10, 2015

NEO-NEOCON: More on Missouri—and more and more and more:

I also spent many hours—many, many hours—searching in vain for more details about the actual charges of racism at the campus, those charges to which Wolfe and Loftin were accused of paying insufficient attention. They amount to (a) two reports of black students being called the n-word, once by an unspecified group of men in a pickup truck who may or may not have been students themselves, and once by another man who is sometimes described as having been a drunken student, and (b) one report of a swastika smeared in feces on a bathroom wall in a dorm, by an unknown person for an unknown reason. That seems to be it.

So, as Amy Miller points out, a lot of people are puzzled about what Wolfe and Loftin did or did not do that deserve canning as punishment. I can answer that question quite simply: they didn’t deserve it, the social justice warrior mob demanded it, and what the social justice warrior mob wants on college campuses the social justice warrior mob gets. Enlisting the football team in the fight was the icing on the cake, because football is very powerful on the college campus as well.

As I wrote yesterday, for the most part the American university died quite some time ago.

As a consequence, Jonah Goldberg writes in the L.A. Times today, “this is the generation the mandarins of political correctness have been waiting for.”

Which brings us back to the astonishing efforts at Mizzou to “muscle” student journalist Tim Tai out of photographing and videotaping the protests yesterday. “Some of the media are even wondering how this kind of disrespect from the First Amendment could happen. Well, Media, do you really want to know why she and the kids acted that way? THEY LEARNED IT FROM YOU, MEDIA! …They learned it from you,” as Moe Lane quips at Red State, paraphrasing the ubiquitous anti-drug PSA from the ’80s.

Scroll down to the conclusion of his post for the photo that squares the circle.

Update: Speaking of squaring the circle, “Mark my words: Before this is over, despite inciting a mob of SJWs to deny a reporter’s rights and then all but laughing about it on camera, safe-space enforcer Melissa Click will pose as every inch the persecuted free-speech martyr herself,” Allahpundit predicts.

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