November 1, 2015

NOW THEY TELL US: “Everyone in the [CNBC] newsroom knows [John Harwood is] extremely far left:”

In the wake of the debate debacle that’s delivered a gut punch to CNBC, many staffers at the business network are divided over whether “extremely biased” and “far left” correspondent and moderator John Harwood should have been allowed on stage.

“Everyone in the newsroom knows he’s extremely far left,” a network insider told TheWrap about the prevailing opinion that pervaded the newsroom even before the debate.

Harwood is “not just extremely biased and partisan, but he’s worst kind who isn’t self-aware that he is,” the insider continued. “Blindness to that is what allowed him on the debate stage.”

Before the debate, that sentiment bred doubts among staffers over whether Harwood would be able to “stay in the middle ground” politically,” the insider said.

Afterward, Harwood was universally panned by Republican candidates and pundits along with many in the media for what was deemed an astounding display of bias toward the participants.

How bad was it? “CNBC’s debate was a biased joke, says … Terry McAuliffe?”

While Mollie Hemingway was spot-on predicting Harwood’s bias and sneering condescension, the near-universal* backlash against the NBC network is only happening because the candidates punched back on stage. Maybe — just maybe — Stupid Party insiders have finally learned something about the MSM.

* They’ll always have Media Matters, Gawker, and NBC-funded Vox on their side, of course. And when you’re an allegedly pro-business network being defended by the socialist far left, it might be time to question your assumptions.

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