October 29, 2015

WHO HAD THE BEST ANTI-MEDIA SLAM OF THE DEBATE? Videos of Cruz, Rubio and Christie’s best sound bites at NewsBusters.

In late November of 2008, following a year where we all watched the MSM build up the creepy, messianic cult of Obama (and obfuscate for him every step of the way) following by McCain and Palin’s shellacking by the MSM in the fall of 2008, Kevin D. Williamson wrote:

Every time I hear a Republican candidate or office-holder talking about media bias in the fall, I assume that the election is over and the Republican has lost. It’s not that the complaints don’t have merit — do they ever — it’s just that the media-bias talk tends to come up right about the time things are going undeniably south for a campaign. So maybe it’s best to front-load the discussion for next time around. Candidates who are talking about media bias in October [of the election year] are losing elections.

Last night, John Podhoretz tweeted “theory — someone at RNC thought, hey, CNBC, they’re pro-business.” Which makes sense. After witnessing the racism and even scatology of MSNBC, Reince Priebus, the RNC chairman vowed that the far left network would host no GOP primary debates for the 2016 election cycle. Perhaps he assumed that letting CNBC host the debate was the lesser of the three evils amongst the NBC networks. (Though he should have known, as someone tweeted back to Podhoretz, “that pro business now means pro cronyism.”) And while I doubt the debacle last night was something he had foreseen (this is the Stupid Party, after all), at least it allowed the candidates to front-load their objections to the rampant anti-GOP bias of old media.

How bad was it last night? So bad that even Ron Fournier, Howard Kurtz, Juan Williams, and Piers Morgan(!!) — each usually “see no bias” MSM journalists — noticed and sounded genuinely appalled.

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