October 23, 2015


On the debate stage, Clinton embraced Obama, a move that made it more difficult for Biden to pitch himself as the Obama legacy candidate. And she moved leftward on a number of issues, such as the Keystone XL pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, and attempted to use rhetoric to distance herself from Wall Street, leaving no room for Biden to maneuver between her and the Democratic socialist to her left, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Riding Obama’s coattails so closely could backfire dramatically though once Hillary lurches back towards wooing the center — note how well these two posts from Wednesday dovetail:

Does Hillary Clinton Want Your Guns? — The Democratic presidential candidate thinks Australia’s mass confiscation of firearms “is a good example.”

Video Proof: CNN Caught Lying About Trump – Obama Does Back Gun Confiscation.  “At the 1:45  mark, below is video proof of Obama openly expressing his desire to impose Australian-style gun control laws here in America. And it is a fact that the Australian law began with a massive campaign involving the confiscation (through a mandatory government buyback program) of legally purchased firearms.”

All presidential administrations begin to dissipate dramatically as they enter their last year, but Hillary has yoked herself to Obama at a moment when he’s flailing particularly wildly, alternately in search of a legacy and in exhausted YOLO mode. (Iran sums up both halves of that equation, of course.)

Being associated with a train wreck presidency that unpredictable is partially why Roger Simon writes that “Biden’s Departure Gives Republicans Early Xmas Gift,” but then given that this is the Stupid Party after all, they’re just as likely to squander it.

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