October 11, 2015

I BLAME CARLY FIORINA. OR MAYBE CONDI RICE: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Republicans Are Saying ‘Yeah, Let’s Kick Women … Out Of This Country’ [VIDEO]:

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I believe that any one of our candidates will stand in stark contrast, when it comes to the priorities of the American people and how they’re going to make their decision on who they’re going to vote for for President, to any of the Republican candidates. The Republicans are trying to out-right wing each other. Look, between the fifteen Republican candidates who are left — all of whom are trying to out-Trump Donald Trump — by saying, “Yeah let’s kick women. Let’s kick them and immigrants out of this country. Let’s take away health care from women.” … Yes, I think any of the candidates on our side of the aisle … will be chosen and eventually elected as the 45th president of the United States of America because of that contrast.

Wait — are Republicans going to kick everyone out of the country, or put them back in chains? (Or allow women to stay, but leave them barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen?) I wish the Democrats would synchronize their crazy pills and extremist talking points.

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