September 25, 2015

REAL HOPE AND CHANGE, OR IS IT?: House Speaker John Boehner’s long overdue resignation is prompting the usual succession battle. The most “likely” candidate being discussed? House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Yawn.

Boehner’s resignation is most likely the product of political pressure from a GOP establishment that hopes to dampen grassroots’ interest in “outsider” candidates such as Trump, Carson and Fiorina. Replacing him with McCarthy won’t do the trick. The GOP base is angry at the establishment–precisely because of what that establishment has and has not done–and McCarthy is a part of it. Now is the time for real, not cosmetic, change.

The House GOP would be well advised to stop fighting its own base, listen to them, and select someone from the House Freedom Caucus–which has been fighting Boehner tooth and nail–who would unify the party with its own voters. Someone like Raul Labrador, Mark Meadows, or Jim Jordan.

Now, if we could only get Mitch McConnell to resign . . . . Stay tuned.

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