September 21, 2015


The 54-year-old is a well-known auto enthusiast who also drives a gleaming grey Lexus and a black Porsche Carrera as well as a tiny two seater electric Tango 600 plus various motorbikes.

But it’s a fair bet the family ‘Vette has pride of place in his heart.

“Still driving dad’s car! George Clooney slips behind the wheel of the 1958 red Corvette convertible as he meets a pal for dinner,” the London Daily Mail, yesterday.

….If real-life Democrats end up taking inspiration from the Mike Morris character [in Clooney’s 2011 film, The Ides of March] and his stump speeches, Clooney will hardly be upset. On climate change and oil, for instance, the governor proposes that the United States do away with the internal combustion engine.

“If we’re cut off from oil, we will find a way to power our cars. So say it and make it happen,” Clooney said. “It’s not ridiculous. It is possible. And these are the kind of leadership things I would love to see and could be argued about. People will say, ‘It’s just actors.’ But I truly believe it.”

“George Clooney Wants Democrats Like In His Movies: They’d Ban the Car Engine,” NewsBusters, September 2011.

As the Professor likes to say, I’ll believe that global warming is a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start to act like it’s a crisis themselves.

Related: “Professors: Federal government should totally seek RICO charges against climate change skeptics.” Does that include those who commute to work in non-essential climate destroying industries such as show business and professional sports via stretch limos,  while maintaining garages full of large gas-guzzling automobiles?

Not to mention this really gas-guzzling joyrider.

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