September 20, 2015

ROGER SIMON: Is Obama A Muslim? What Trump Should Have Said. “Is Obama a Muslim? The answer is no. But what is he then? Is Obama a Christian, as Jeb Bush asserted in an attempt to make Trump look bad after Thursday’s dustup? Not a chance. Obama is about as pure a post-modern agnostic as you can find. He’s about as Christian as your average gender studies professor at Swarthmore. Religion is for the president a convenience, an instrument of power.” Like everything else.


So Obama is neither Muslim nor Christian, but that is an entirely incomplete view of his belief system. Something is going on in an emotional sense that trumps (excuse the phrase) conventional religious belief. He seems almost always to side with Islamic society against Christendom, bending over backwards on occasion to set up false equivalences. At the very moment the Islamic State was lopping off the heads of Christians and Yazidis in Libya, Syria and Iraq, he invoked the Crusades at a National Prayer Breakfast as if this behavior from centuries ago were even marginally equivalent. Unlike other major world leaders, he didn’t bother to attend the Charlie Hebdo massacre memorial in Paris. He couldn’t even say the Islamic terrorists who shot the people in the Paris kosher deli the day after did so because the victims were Jews. And then there’s the Iran deal, the giveaway of the century ($150 billion) to an Islamic state building nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles, not to mention sponsoring terrorism across the world, for absolutely no verifiable quid pro quo.

Who would do such a thing? Well, Barack Obama obviously.

Our nation is ruled by a man who doesn’t think much of the nation he rules or the culture from which it sprang.

UPDATE: Related thoughts from Mike Mollenhour.

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