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August 12, 2015

JERRY POURNELLE ON THE IRAN DEAL: “Everyone must understand that the American Era is over. . . . For some this was an objective to achieve. For others it is a disaster. For all it is a coming fact. The nuclear weapon, like the .45 Colt, is an equalizer, and it is now inevitable that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons whenever they decide to do so, given that the deal essentially gives up on inspections, and Iran has announced that under no circumstance will there be any inspection of their military installations even if there is inspection – after 24 day’s notice – of their peaceful installations. Intelligence experts say Iran is about a year from their decision to have them. My guess is that there will be a demonstration in Summer, 2017. Meanwhile the other nations of the Middle East will rush to acquire their own; they can read the newspapers as well as I can.”

Everyone sees this coming, yet the Obama Administration forges ahead. Why?