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August 5, 2015

A RIFLE BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS: Slate: What Would Have Happened if Germany Had Invaded the U.S. During World War II? “In addition, everybody had guns. One commonality among the nations conquered by Germany is that private firearms ownership was heavily restricted or simply banned. With no such restrictions here and given the fact that modern combined arms tactics were still in their infancy, it’s difficult to see how the Germans would have avoided taking heavy casualties. The Germans would have faced an armed force at least 10 times the size of their invasion force, who were also motivated to ensure that they (the Germans) would lose.” Entirely true, but interesting to read that in Slate.

On a related note, I thought Newt Gingrich & William Forstchen’s 1945, which involved a less ambitious German effort, was moderately amusing, especially as most of the action took place within a dozen miles of my house.