June 23, 2015

FALLEN ANGELS WAS JUST A SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL, RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT? GUYS? “Britain faces FREEZING winters as slump in solar activity threatens ‘little Ice Age.'”

A couple of years ago, someone astutely mashed up video of the late climate scientist (read socialist political activist) Dr. Stephen Schneider appearing on Leonard Nimoy’s old In Search Of series in 1978 to scare the bejesus out of Nimoy’s viewers by forecasting intense global cooling, followed by a shot of Schneider in 2008 scaring viewers by forecasting intense global warming. (Peter Gwynne, who wrote Newsweek’s 1975 article on global cooling and in recent years recanted his story of arctic doom was similarly called out last year by Breitbart’com’s James Delingpole.) I wonder if we’ll able to do a triple-play if this latest round of global cooling speculation continues?

(Headline via one of Glenn Reynolds’ recurring Insta-leitmotifs.)

Update: The whole “In Search of the Coming Ice Age” segment is online at YouTube, and is yet another classic example of 45 years of climate psychosis that today seems straight out of Reefer Madness. (H/T: James Lileks.)

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