June 13, 2015

DIRTY TRICKS: Former Staffer For California Republican Admits to Lies That Ruined Campaign.

Dear Republicans: choose your staffers well.

Carl DeMaio is a California Republican who had a chance to win a house seat in 2014. Even though the race was happening in blue California, it was one of the state’s more conservative districts.

All hopes were dashed when one of DeMaio’s former staffers named Todd Bosnich accused him of sexual harassment in the final weeks of the campaign. He even produced threatening emails which he claimed were sent to him by someone in the DeMaio camp.

Democrats welcomed the scandal and although DeMaio strongly denied the charges, he was defeated by Democrat Scott Peters.

Now the LA Times is reporting that the staffer Todd Bosnich made the whole thing up and has even admitted his lies to the FBI, which was part of the investigation.

One of the ways you keep this from happening again is by making an example of this guy, and by — as Moe Lane suggests — making this an issue in the 2016 election.

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